Apostle Charles & Pastor Sharolyn Dixon

Apostle Charles & Pastor Sharolyn Dixon


Charles Edward Dixon, is the Apostle of Beautiful Gate International Church. He is a visionary and dedicated leader with an anointing to empower people in all walks of life. He also serves as the CEO of the Ypsilanti International Dream Center. Apostle Dixon is married to Pastor Sharolyn Dixon. Together Apostle Dixon and Pastor Sharolyn lead the multi-cultural ministry. Apostle Charles E. Dixon is blessed to have four Senior Pastors and ten leading Ministers serving as Cell Pastors.

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Apostle Charles E. Dixon and Pastor Sharolyn are uniquely expounding the Gospel truths to a diverse people, enabling them to connect and relate, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds. Both Apostle Dixon and Pastor Sharolyn are college educated and advocates for higher learning and encourage men and women to increase their knowledge base in order to conquer barriers and maximize their full potential.

Apostle Dixon and Pastor Sharolyn are the proud parents of two dynamic young men.