Impact Zones (Cell Groups)

Impact – The effect or impression of one thing on another. The power of making a strong immediate impression. The impression made by an idea, cultural movement, and social group. As I.Z.M. leaders we’re expected to affect change, involve, influence, transform, alter and modify a generation of people.

Zone – A region, area, or section characterized by some distinctive feature or quality.

To impact something means to have an effect or to make an impression that would cause a change upon something. That change could be something that is positive or it could be something that is negative.

My vision is to see all I.Z.M. make a positive impression upon others. I’m talking about impressions and impact that will make a different in people’s lives. My vision is to experience eternal IMPACT, impressions that mean heaven or hell for individuals. It’s my upmost desire for our I.Z.M. to fully understand, to impact a community we must unite and have a common ground. We are an extension of His love and goodness and we can accomplish His purpose for us as individuals and us a church body.

Many non- traditional churches have implemented “ Cell Groups.” Beautiful Gate is a ministry that is not embedded in what we deem as church. I’ve been lead of the Holy Spirit to birth out cell groups/ I.Z.M. Which we’ve chosen the name Impact Zone Ministries.

I.Z.M. groups are not a program of the congregation. They are the most basic unit of the congregation. I.Z.M groups are the smallest units of people who have teamed up to do the work of the congregation. In a cell group, Christians come together in a covenant relationship to do the work of the kingdom. Cell members join with one another to accomplish four specific tasks. These four tasks are edification, equipping, evangelism and leadership expansion.

Edification occurs when church members learn to be in loving relationships with one another. God values relationship. Our purpose in life is to come into relationship with God and one another. I.Z.M. members are committed to growth in Christian intimacy and support.

I.Z.M. members are accountable to the God, Apostle, and the pastors and to one another in their Christian journey. Praying together and for one another is a powerful path for bonding, healing and edification.

Equipping best occurs in an I.Z.M. group of people who edify and support one another. Leaders who know you are best suited to confirm your spiritual gifts.

Leaders are in agreement with you and complement your gifts and talents with their gifts and talents. Christians together do the work of ministry Christ sets before them. Christians learn to disciple in the community of a cell group/ I.Z.M.

Relational evangelism works best in the cell model/ I.Z.M of ministry. Cell/IZM members intentionally pray together for unbelievers to come to a relationship with Jesus. Cell/IZM members cultivate relationship with un-churched people.

IZM groups will eventually provide an effective and efficient method of developing leaders. Mentoring future leaders is intentional in an IZM /Cell base church. Everyone can develop leadership skills in an IZM group. It is my vision as we train leaders who will train more IZM leaders, and the cycle continues.

To connect with one of our Impact Cell Groups submit a request on the “contact us” page, email, or call 734-484-9700

Apostle Charles E. Dixon